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11 Essential Stats for Influencer Marketing in 2016

Influencer Marketing

As brands finalize marketing budgets for 2016, a quick look at some key statistics about social media and influencer marketing can help keep the focus on what's most important for campaigns in the new year.

As we wind up the year, the indications couldn’t be clearer about influencer marketing. 2016 will see more brands exploring how they can work with social media creators as part of their regular marketing budget, while those that have already seen amazing results will expand what they do. If you’re still trying to determine how much to invest in the new year, we’ve compiled a cross-section of the most compelling stats together in one place to help you make the call.

  • 78 percent of brands increased their content output in the last two years but average content engagement decreased by 60 percent. Basically, content marketing really need influencer marketing to succeed. (Source)
  • 47 percent of online customers use ad block technology. The way to reach them is to provide content they want from people they trust. (Source)
  • 92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands. (Source)
  • 25 percent of web traffic is driven by Facebook alone. Social is supplanting search for content discovery and Facebook’s 1.5 billion users are helping that happen. Their video play growth is huge, as well. (Source)
  • 50 percent is the pace of Instagram’s annual user growth. Snapchat is at 56 percent. Periscope is growing quickly, too, with 10 million users in four months of existence. Multichannel marketing is getting exponentially more challenging. (Source)
  • 74 percent of consumers use social media to make purchase decisions. (Source)
  • 8 in 10 of the most influential people for teen audiences are YouTube stars. That number keeps growing every year, pushing traditional celebrities further down the list. (Source)
  • 81 percent of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective. (Source)
  • 51 percent of marketers believe they get better customers from influencer marketing. That’s because the relationship began with trust in the influencer. (Source)
  • 37 percent better retention is reported for customer acquired through word-of-mouth advertising. (Source)
  • 59 percent of marketers will increase influencer marketing budgets in 2016. Make sure you pick the right influencers for your brand. They’ll be in bigger demand. (Source)