Influencer Orchestration Network


Eric Ayzenberg

The power of a singular idea is only as strong as the people who bring it to reality. The key to bringing ideas to life is to find the proper balance between courage and humility. Courage is about the risks we take in order to build meaningful connections with our audience. Humility is what keeps us pushing and growing every day.

Eric Ayzenberg|Chief Brand Soulmate
Vincent Juarez

In this day and age, media teams have a near-impossible challenge. Consumers are becoming increasingly ad-averse while clients are fixating on measurable media. As a result, the media world is rapidly evolving to the point where tradition no longer cuts it. We need to be more agile and responsive than ever while constantly exploring new ways to innovate, integrate, connect, engage and develop relationships with consumers.

Vincent Juarez|Principal, ION
Kai Mildenberger

Blending art and science is the most rewarding endeavor. It’s an exciting time when cognitive computing is beating top human players at games of Go and art is reaching the masses via social networks more populous than countries. We’re working on the future!

Kai Mildenberger|Chief Technology Officer
J. Galen Buckwalter

The overarching goal for my career is to use advanced analytics with increasingly complex data to understand and optimize the functioning of multidimensional systems. I firmly believe the pace of discovery from big data will increase exponentially when the analytic process is driven by ever-evolving theories.

J. Galen Buckwalter|Chief Scientific Advisor
Jon Roth

My first love was a vintage Fender Stratocaster back when everyone wanted to be a rock star, but only big corporations made that call. Today, anyone can be a “rock star” just by being themselves and engaging audiences with authentic digital stories. And the audience and brand nexus, once fully controlled, is now genuinely open again. Which is truly awesome.

Jon Roth|Executive Director, ION
Eric Burgess

We are best at the intersections. My canvases are always in the spaces where work, play, and education meet - using strategies from one to succeed in another. I’m more augmented reality than virtual reality because the ‘cyborg’ approach enables us to hack and fix reality instead of replacing it. For me, that’s the clear way forward for ideal products, nimble processes, and powerful storytelling.

Eric Burgess|Vice President, Product Management
David Loker

Data drives me. In the era of big data, every decision can be measured and quantified. To me, Brand Soulmates is about using data in exciting and new ways to connect people with products they'll love.

David Loker|Senior Data Scientist
Robin Boytos

As the gatekeeper of business intelligence, the essence of my approach is to analyze, visualize, optimize, and strategize opportunities through discoveries in the data.

Robin Boytos|Director, Analytics
Rob Ilas

Traditional advertising does not work the way it did five to ten years ago. A shift has occurred and brands know they need to invest in a better solution. At the heart of this shift is building an emotional connection with audiences to capture their attention through great story telling. What drives me is helping brands rise above mediocrity with this effective new strategy

Rob Ilas|Business Development
Steven Lai

The GOAT, Michael Jordan, once said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." And he was right. With a great team and brilliant insights, we can accomplish anything. MJ was never wrong. Except for Kwame Brown. He was definitely wrong about that.

Steven Lai|Group Talent Director