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New Facebook Tools Could Make Influencer Marketing More Expensive

Facebook Tools

Marketers worry that Facebook's new boosted post tools signal the end of organic reach.

Facebook’s new tools allow brands to easily boost influencer marketing campaigns on the platform. Boosted posts can be an effective way to reach new audiences, but the new features have some worried.

Marketers wonder if these Facebook tools will suppress organic reach—a key part of the value of influencer marketing in the first place. If these concerns are justified, marketers will be forced to pay more to make sure any campaigns are seen, regardless of an influencer’s following. That is unless the users have Facebook ad blockers.

Updates to Facebook’s algorithm prioritize posts by how users are reacting to them—so, in theory, if a post receives a lot of likes, it will rank higher. On the other hand, Influencer posts have a way of receiving more engagement than a brand’s, so all may not be lost.

At least one influencer isn’t worried. Instagram creator Sarah Peretz sees the Facebook tools for boosting as an asset for brands and influencers, alike. She recommends that both parties allocate more budget to boosting posts themselves in addition to organic reach.

“This feature combines the specificity of audience targeting and the pre-existing reach of influencers,” Peretz told Digiday,” so it is definitely a tool that influencers should consider using as an ‘add-on’ in campaigns, especially for companies that may be newer to influencer marketing on Facebook.”

For some, streamlining workflow may be priceless. In the past, the only way to boost a creator’s post was to share the message first. Now once an influencer creates a post, they simply have to tag the brand and grant them permission to boost it by checking a box.

With over two billion users, standing out on Facebook can be a challenge, especially when you’re up against an ever-changing algorithm. The beauty of influencer marketing is that it transcends fluid marketing landscapes and ad rules. Which is great, because Facebook’s algorithm goes through more changes than an awkward teenager.