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How Influencers Transcend Ever-Changing Ad Rules

Keeping up with rule changes and algorithms seem impossible? Invest in influencer marketing.

The FTC has been stepping up enforcement on paid endorsements, SEO is Google’s special, ever-changing little mystery and Facebook is cracking down on ads that users deem annoying. Just when you figure out what works, someone announces an update and it’s back to deciphering the new rules like Indiana Jones in a tomb—or is it?

As a marketer, you can employ a full-time staff of oracles to keep up with the latest restrictions or you can invest in influencer marketing. While wording in marketing campaigns is always subject to change with the wind, influencers come equipped with their own fans who want to see more. That means that although Facebook is putting more control in the hands of its users, they will naturally choose to see updates from creators and subjects they enjoy.

Facebook clearly sees the value of influencers, having actively courted social media creators and celebrities alike to the platform’s live streaming option, Facebook Live. Branded content in general got a lot easier as Facebook has made it frictionless for verified brands and creators to partner on content, like the recent effort from Lady Gaga to work with Intel. The changes in their branded content policy make it simple for influencer marketing partnerships to be done with full FTC-friendly transparency.

Facebook now prioritizes live and traditional video in its News Feed algorithm, bumping it higher so more users will see it. More eyeballs means more incentive for video creators to post more often. In addition to more views, Facebook is becoming an attractive platform for influencers to earn an income. Facebook offers a more reliable income stream for influencers, as opposed to YouTube Red that is contingent on users signing up.

No matter which social network your influencer sets up shop on, creators with a growing audience transcend any new SEO, ad-blocking or search engine algorithm. It’s the long game—either jump on what’s new or jump on what works and will continue to work for many more Google and Facebook updates to come. Quality, authentic content from passionate creators will never go out of style with audiences or algorithms.