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Hot Pockets Steps Up Its Game With Influencer Partnerships

The sandwich brand explains the importance of strategy and establishing meaningful relationships with its influencers.

Popular online gamers like Matt “Nadeshot” Haag, StoneMountain64 and AntoDaBoss are putting down the controller to snack on Hot Pockets. The Nestlé sandwich brand has partnered with these gamers and over 20 others to promote a sweepstakes going on through the end of the year.

The prize packs up for grabs include a $250 Visa Prepaid card and free product coupons galore. While there may not be anything specifically game-related being given away, Hot Pockets has a history of appealing to young, male gamers—so that’s where they focused their influencer marketing efforts.

“Hot Pockets and Nadeshot first partnered in June 2016 for a digital commercial, which also starred fellow gamer Goldglove, and reached 3.4 million online views,” Hot Pockets director of marketing Mohini Joshi told ION. “Since then, gaming has been a key target audience for the brand, and it will continue to be a focus for us as we work with influencers in the future.”

For its sweepstakes, Hot Pockets chose not one, but over 20 influencers to partner with. When it comes to choosing a brand ambassador, the company knew that selection goes far beyond followers alone.

“When working on campaigns of this scale, it’s imperative to be strategic,” Joshi said. “We’ve had success by being very intentional with who we collaborate with and how we both fit into the various content ecosystems. It’s also been important for Hot Pockets to foster long-term relationships with influencers that are true advocates for the brand.”

In addition to sponsored posts across social media, each gamer has created a short plug for the brand and its sweepstakes. Nadeshot, for example, de-monetized his video review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare WW2 and instead took a moment to talk about the brand.

“When a company like Hot Pockets reaches out to you about your channel, a product which you eat regardless, who in their right mind would turn down that opportunity?” Nadeshot wrote in the video comments. “Hot Pockets is supporting my content, my career, and my community by working with me directly.”

The sweepstakes campaign began June 1 and is already seeing tremendous success from its influencer partnerships.

“To date, Hot Pocket influencer content has generated a combined 366,000 engagements and more than 3.5 million views across social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube),” says Joshi. “As a result, there have been nearly 250,000 sweepstakes entries since the start of the campaign.”

Even after this contest has ended, the brand wants gamers to know that Hot Pockets is there for them.

“Hot Pockets is committed to feeding the gaming community with a hearty satisfying snack that keeps hungry boys and their appetites satiated,” said Joshi. “Hot Pockets is a good source of protein, and made with 100 percent real cheese, to quickly fuel gamers who are in the zone.”