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ICYMI: Crocs Continues Resurgence With Emphasis On Individuality, Celebrity Influencers

The campaign states that “being yourself, being comfortable and looking stylish are not mutually exclusive.”

Crocs Influencer Marketing

Originally published on AList.

Crocs launched the third installment, in as many years, of its influencer-driven “Come As You Are” campaign that stars Zooey Deschanel and a line-up of celebrity brand ambassadors.

The campaign states that “being yourself, being comfortable and looking stylish are not mutually exclusive.” Playing on the phrase, “being comfortable in your own shoes,” the ads feature a variety of Crocs styles for different activities and lifestyles including LiteRide, Crocband Platform, Crocs Serena, Swiftwater and the iconic Classic Clog.

The company’s pivot from granola accessory to fashion icon did not come overnight. Much credit has been given to Crocs CEO Andrew Rees and his calculated push to turn the brand around. In that way, it’s not surprising to see “Come As You Are” enter its third year, mainly because, it’s working.

“I love that we are all unique,” said Deschanel in a release announcing the partnership. “When Crocs asked me to be a part of their campaign, I was excited to have the opportunity to join a fun and colorful brand but, more importantly, have the opportunity to inspire others to embrace their individuality.”

In addition to Deschanel, “Come As You Are” features British actress Natalie Dormer, Chinese actress, dancer and model Gina Jin, South Korean actress and gugudan girl-band member Kim Se-Jeong and Japanese actress and model Suzu Hirose.

Each of the influencers was photographed and/or filmed wearing a model of Crocs shoes to correspond with activities such as “I travel,” “I surprise,” “I dazzle” or “I bounce.” The campaign will include digital, social and in-store marketing materials, with a focus on consumers in the US, Germany, China, Japan and South Korea.

Previous celebrity ambassadors have included wrestler and actor John Cena, actress Drew Barrymore and rapper Post Malone.

“As we enter our third year of ‘Come As You Are,’ we are evolving not only our message and cast but the entire look and feel of our marketing campaign,” said Terence Reilly, Crocs chief marketing officer in a statement. “Crocs is making a bold declaration that you can have both style and comfort no matter who you are or where your life takes you.”

Personalization and self-expression are important to the Gen Z consumer which, according to IBM and The National Retail Federation, holds $44 billion in buying power. The same study found that 55 percent of Gen Z respondents spend their own money on clothing and shoes, and 60 percent influence family spending in the category.

Crocs, Inc. reported double-digital ecommerce growth for the fourth quarter of 2018, calling it the “best Q4 in years.” The brand is committed to grow the relevance of its infamous clogs, and identified Asia as a demographic for the largest growth potential.

According to Crocs, it plans on expanding the relevance of clogs through “impactful collaborations, trending the right colors and graphics, licensing and personalization through Jibbitz charms.”