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Chevy Uses Personality Insights To Connect With Customers


The campaign aims at driving awareness for Chevy across global markets under the tagline “Find New Roads.”

Chevrolet is trying to enhance personal engagement with consumers by pumping some positivity into the socialsphere by partnering with IBM Watson and introducing “Fueling Capabilities,” a new digital campaign that evaluates users’ social media presence to gauge their positive impact on society.

The Chevrolet Global Positivity System is a mobile and desktop website that provides the most accurate snapshot conceivable of a user’s social sentiment by pairing personality to possibility.

“We recognize that the world is not only digital, but mobile,” said Brian Thomas, director of global creative content for Chevrolet global marketing. “How we convey our brand values to our customers has to be built around the tenants of digital marketing—we need to be agile and responsive while providing personalized experiences that lead our customers to feel that Chevrolet is a brand for them.”

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