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Facebook Doubles Down On Value For Advertisers

New ways to watch video and choose ad placement offers freedom and confidence.

Facebook is doubling down on ensuring value for its publishers, advertisers and everyone in between. Despite recent metrics setbacks, the social media leader is poised to deliver content in as valuable a way as possible, which translates to good news for those who market on the platform.

Last week, the company announced that users can stream Facebook videos to TV via mobile or desktop using devices like Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Mobile users can do the same on iOS, with Android coming soon. “We’re focused on creating video experiences that people want,” wrote Brent Ayrey, product director at Facebook, “And we’ve heard that people want different options for how and where they watch videos that they discover on Facebook.”

The move represents a more modern, creative route of bringing the content to where users are and powering it with Facebook Live content, including influencer work and regular content from the user’s network. Unlike major efforts by Twitter to bring more traditional content to its network through sports broadcasting and the election debates, Facebook’s approach makes it just as easy to watch and share your baby’s first steps as it is to catch the latest news or your favorite cable show.

As for brands purchasing mobile ad space through Instant Articles, Facebook is offering larger and more flexible ad units, as well as new areas of publisher value. Outside of the closed platform, ad slots that appear on third-party sites through the company’s Audience Network are scored based on user engagement, action taken post-click, etc. This new system of ad pricing will not only give Facebook more control over its ad network, but offers value by charging rates based on a history of favorable user activity. In contrast, Apple News remains a closed network, which has been offering additional publisher traffic but not necessarily revenue.

For advertisers and publishers, the ability to accurately monetize and adjust accordingly is key to creating a successful strategy. Together with Facebook’s new human-based metrics partners, brands will soon be able to make critical budget decisions with more confidence. For influencers and brands who partner with them, streaming videos to TV is great news for engagement, while reliable metrics will assist more traditional publishers to make their voice heard.