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Wevr’s Transport Wants To Be The Network for Quality VR

Wevr's new Transport platform aims to be a creator-friendly home for premium VR experiences.

Groundbreaking VR company Wevr has launched a new network for Virtual Reality experiences called Transport but they don’t just want to be YouTube for VR. Their goal is to provide a device-agnostic platform for high-quality VR that is curated by their team.

The description does make it sound a lot like YouTube, though. Freshly funded with 25 million dollars in capital from strategic investors like Samsung, HTC, Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures and a variety of media companies, Transport is described by Wevr CEO Neville Spiteri as being:

1) For makers to proudly present their VR work to fans

2) For everyone to easily experience VR and enjoy sharing feedback

3) Where brave, inspiring VR is created, consumed and celebrated 

Wevr’s key goals with Transport are to create an independent platform for creators to share and promote their work. They’re focused on an easy discovery experience alongside frictionless publishing for creators. They are also front-loading the network with quality VR experiences from the likes of Roger Avary, Deepak Chopra, Reggie Watts, Andy Jones and more talented creators.

Wevr does know about premium VR experiences. They’ve been making headlines in the VR community for a while with their immersive experiences including theBlu: Encounter, which simulates an up close encounter with a blue whale, and The John Wick VR Experience. They’re even partnering with Sports Illustrated for a VR release of their Swimsuit Edition 2016.

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A key difference from many of the other platforms that currently feature VR experiences is the editorial curation Wevr will perform. Most other VR platforms, including YouTube, are not monitored and that means even low-quality VR experiences could be uploaded to the community. Wevr wants to ensure the platform features only premium VR content that can be promoted (and found). With a commitment to maintaining quality content and a known group of industry creatives already uploading their work to Transport, they are off to a great start.

How long before we see VR creators start to work with brands to do some Influencer Marketing? It’s already on the way and we can expect Transport to host those kind of experiences as well.

Beta signup is now available from Transport for creators looking to join the network.

Image Sources: Wevr