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Triller, Walmart And NYX Pro Makeup Announce Black Creator Initiative

Triller, Walmart And NYX Pro Makeup Announce Black Creator Initiative

The Black History Month initiative will provide brand deals to over 200 creators part of Triller’s “Assembly of Black Creators”

Recent years’ events have dramatically impacted how brands are embracing diversity in influencer marketing. Creators that identified as “non-white other” saw the second-highest increase in cost paid per post year-over-year from 2019 to 2020. But an influencer racial pay gap still very much exists.

In honor of Black History Month, Triller has teamed with Walmart and NYX Professional Makeup to give over 200 black creators from Triller’s “Assembly for Black Creators” brand deals through Walmart and NYX Cosmetics as well as 50 million guaranteed views.

Triller debuted its virtual event series ‘Assembly for Black Creators’ in October 2021 with the goal of empowering black talent and generating black-owned branded content across entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, sports and more. Its inaugural event brought together more than 250 black creators with major brands, including Popeyes and Hallmark.

Walmart will leverage creators from Triller’s collective to launch its Black & Unlimited campaign, which highlights black creators, authors, chefs and brand founders including Taraji P. Henson and Jermaine Dupri. This month the retailer will also sponsor a summit, bringing creators from the assembly together for a slate of educational programming from marketing leaders, “cultural icon,” and major creators, according to a press release.

For its new Queens Celebrating Queens initiative celebrating black beauty creators, NYX partnered with Kendra Dandy, @theebouffants, to launch a limited-edition makeup collection featuring Dandy’s artwork. The brand also has plans to extend long-term contracts with black creators, supporting emerging artists/musicians and more as part of Triller’s assembly.

Triller’s Black History Month initiative will last throughout 2022 with continued monetization opportunities for creators part of its assembly, including through SXSW activations. 

Last fall, Triller announced a $14 million black creator fund that would award one-year contracts to 300 popular black creators who attended the debut of its conference series, “Assembly for Black Creators.”

For the duration of this year, each creator in Triller’s program will earn $2000 in fees and $2000 in Triller company equity per month to create original short-form content on the Triller app as well as Triller’s other social channels.