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The State Of TikTok Influencer Marketing In 2022

The State Of TikTok Influencer Marketing 2022

Influencer Marketing Hub’s latest report reveals the top brands, industries and creators for TikTok influencer marketing in 2021.

In the US, TikTok users will spend more time on the platform this year than YouTube users will spend on YouTube. According to eMarketer, the difference will be just about a fraction of a minute but will expand in years to come.

And in 2024, the firm expects TikTok’s US ad revenues will surpass YouTube’s when TikTok nets $11.01 billion, topping YouTube’s $10.71 billion.

Coupled with more engaged users and enhanced ad solutions—including TikTok Pulse, which lets advertisers place their brand next to the top content in the For You Feed and gives revenue share payouts to participating creators with at least 100,000 followers—TikTok is where marketers continue to invest in creators.

Influencer Marketing Hub’s latest report reveals the top brands, industries and creators for influencer marketing on TikTok from 2021. The research is based on data collected from sponsored, FTC regulation-approved videos in the US and Canada by brands whose content had at least 10,000 views. Influencer data included in the report was compiled by NeoReach Social Intelligence API.

Top TikTok Metrics

In 2021, TikTok’s qualifying sponsored videos earned more than 1.3 billion views and reached nearly 10.4 billion users. The average view per video was just shy of 508,000 with a total of roughly 61.4 million engagements.

Top 5 Industries Marketing On TikTok

The five largest industries that are marketing on TikTok are home and garden (237 million views), fashion (233 million views), food and drinks (205 million views), tech (224 million views) and beauty (128 million views).

The top home and garden video in 2021 was sponsored by Walmart and curated by creator @celinaspookyboo, whose reach exceeds 25 million users. Her video for the retailer amassed over 140 million views.

The top fashion video last year was sponsored by Pacsun and curated by creator @emma.marie26, whose reach exceeds 235 million users. Her video saw over 32 million views.

The top tech video was sponsored by Amazon and curated by creator @zachking, whose reach exceeds 68 million users. His video amassed over 73 million views.

The top food and drink video was sponsored by Pizza Hut and curated by influencer couple @moontellthat, whose reach exceeds 13.5 million users. The couple’s video earned over 19.5 million views.

Top Campaign Objectives

Influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok generally have four primary objectives: to promote branding and awareness, present a limited-time offer, offer a download or install or present a contest or giveaway. 

According to the report, the primary objective of about 90 percent of sponsored videos was branding and awareness. About 7 percent of videos analyzed promoted a limited-time offer while the remaining 3 percent fell into the download or install and contest and giveaway categories.

Branding and awareness were the most popular goals in the food and drink category while campaigns that featured limited-time offers were most popular in the fashion category; videos from the beauty category primarily called on users to download or install something.

As for branding and awareness, the top-performing video was, again, @celinaspookyboo’s Walmart-sponsored video. The top-performing video that included a limited-time offer was @mikaylanogueira’s sponsored post for Good Molecules, which reached 9 million users. And the top-performing video with a call-to-action to download or install was from Current and @kazsawyer456, and reached 4.6 million users. Among contest and giveaway-focused content, the top-performing video was by @jessicawangofficial and was sponsored by Express. It earned 141 million views.

Calls To Action

In terms of calls to action (CTA), brands and creators have the option of including a brand’s handle in the caption, a link in their bio, or a promo code. Of the posts Influencer Marketing Hub studied, over 90 percent included a brand tagged in the caption, just under 6 percent included a promo code, 1 percent included a link in their bio and about 3 percent didn’t include a strong CTA.

Content Types

Sponsored videos on TikTok fall into one of three content types: dedicated, integrated or description-only. A dedicated video is one in which the content is entirely dedicated to a brand sponsorship. Integrated videos feature content that addresses a brand sponsorship but isn’t fully dedicated to it. Description-only videos are those that include a brand sponsorship mentioned in the caption. About 92 percent of sponsored videos analyzed were characterized by dedicated content while just under 7 percent were integrated.

Top TikTok Creators

For its report, Influencer Marketing Hub studied the five TikTok creators that had the biggest effect on the influencer marketing space via sponsored posts in 2021. Together, these creators amassed a total of almost 324 million views with a combined reach of 151.4 million. Those accounts were: @celinaspookyboo, @amazonprimevideo, @zachking, @emma.marie26 and @jasonderulo.

Industry Winner

Taking a closer look at the top five industries, the report shows that despite home and garden earning the most views (237 million), fashion reached more users through its campaigns (2 billion). Nevertheless, home and garden was the clear winner with 237 million views and a total reach of 680 million. Of the five industries, beauty experienced the least number of views and the second-least total reach at 1.6 billion.

Monthly Top Brands

The branded TikTok accounts with the most monthly views included:

  • October: Amazon (35 million), Pizza Hut (28 million) and Bang Energy (14 million)
  • November: Walmart (198 million), Amazon (134 million) and Pacsun (39 million)
  • December: Bang Energy (17 million), Ralph Lauren (16 million) and Cetaphil (11 million)

Top 10 Brands Marketing On TikTok

  • The top 10 brands that advertise on TikTok in terms of total views included: 
    • Walmart (203 million)
    • Amazon (170 million)
    • Bang Energy (51 million)
    • McDonald’s (41 million)
    • Pacsun (40 million)