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Seriously Uses Real-Time Influencer Marketing on Periscope

Twenty Periscope influencers are part of an innovative 24-hour campaign to promote a hit mobile game.

Gamemaker Seriously is bringing a real-time element to their promotion of the hit mobile game Best Fiends. For all 24 hours of Dec.15, top Periscope influencers will feature the game on their live streams. Best Fiends is one of the first brands and the first mobile game ever to partner with Periscope influencers for a campaign. For the campaign, Seriously worked with Lifestream, a company that connects Periscope influencers with brands.

During the all-day marathon, over 20 Periscope influencers such as Manny Boy, Sock Cop, Alex Butler, Jay Howard, Dana Garrison and BT Kingsley will be “scoping” about their favorite apps, including Best Fiends. The campaign includes Scopers with huge followings and some that are simply popular with a smaller but deeply dedicated base. Manny Boy, for example, has around 100,000 followers but also 35 million Hearts, the currency of engagement in Periscope’s live-streaming world.

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Seriously has a history of innovation and success with influencer marketing, having worked with influencers on various social platforms, including YouTube star PewDiePie, so trying out real-time influencer marketing on Periscope wasn’t a stretch.

“We’re always looking to be at the cutting edge with our marketing campaigns and the first to leverage new platforms,” said Phil Hickey, vice president of marketing and communications at Seriously. “Periscope has quickly emerged as a leading community in the fledging world of live-streaming and has a unique, passionate fan base.”

Real-Time Influencer Marketing

With a 24 hour live-stream campaign, it’s all over by the next day – but Hickey isn’t worried. Like many observers of the live-stream movement, he compares Periscope advertising to traditional broadcast commercials and looks for similar gains in an influencer marketing campaign run on these platforms. “Successful Periscope campaigns begin with effectively getting your message across in the moment. These influencers have large audiences who often watch their Periscope replays that they amplify through their presence on other platforms,” added Hickey.

To catch the campaign, check out this list of Periscope influencers already in action today:


John Greenbaum

Alex Butler

The Nicole Lopez

Jason Burglar

Jay F Howard

Dana Garrison

Hot Pink Sun

Jason Stolken

Danielle Ford