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Oculus Case Study: International Always-On Influencers

Oculus Agency of Record

We developed an always-on scaled influencer content approach across the globe to drive viewership, increase share of voice and organic engagement.

Winning with gamers begins on YouTube.

The majority of consumer research for gaming and technology begins with consuming YouTube influencer content.

To capitalize, ION developed an always-on, scaled influencer content approach across the globe to drive viewership (295M+ views) and increase share of voice and organic engagement (9.1M).

Partnering with over 450 creators, we managed the logistics, onboarding, and delivery of the virtual reality headsets and the top titles within the gaming library.

In total, we drove over $48M dollars in earned media value.

Pillars of Success

Hero Hub Hygiene Content

Content followed a hero, hub, hygiene strategic framework to develop unique content experiences to fill content pipelines at all stages of the consumer journey.

From premium creative productions to weekly Oculus channel influencer-hosted gameplay livestreams, there was something for the entire community.

Winning Share of Voice

As the agency pioneered the push for consumer virtual reality into mainstream acceptance, a key objective to our scaled effort aimed to win share of voice amongst the creator community. Through relationship-centric earned relationships and strategic key paid partnerships, we shifted SOV balance towards Oculus through our efforts.

Product Distribution

Key to our approach was our ability to quickly seed product in the hands of influential creators.

We distributed everything from VR hardware, essential accessories, to game codes for the latest titles to 450+ influencers across the globe.

Advanced Measurement

Central to our performance measurement was a real-time custom dashboard centralizing all influencer activity. With diagnostic KPIs, detailed influencer scoring systems, and advanced marketing mix modeling at our fingertips, we tracked our influencer impact throughout the consumer funnel.