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ION Ranks the Top 10 Stop Motion Viners

Brand Soulmates: Top 10 Stop Motion Viners

ION's Weekly Top 10 features the best of the best among Stop Motion Viners.

Vine is truly a social media channel where the short visual format invites a unique kind of creativity. With just seconds on a video loop to make an impression, the best Viners out there have turned that limitation into inspiration for their content and the in-app discovery tools make it easier than ever for users to find the right Vines for their personal loop.

Stop motion animation has become very popular on the Twitter-owned platform, both as a way to showcase larger pieces of art as well as a means of expressing a quick idea or concept as a standalone piece. While claymation and Lego-based content is popular, Viners have gone far beyond traditional formats for stop-motion animation. Some of these Vine-based animators have started to even be part of influencer marketing campaigns with brands and companies that line up with their interests and causes.

So who is winning the most engagement and breaking out from the crowd with their stop motion chops? Check out our list of the best of the best.

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