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Xbox PC Game Pass Case Study: Custom Creative Integrations

Game Pass for PC

Our series of breakthrough content highlights the breadth of games available through Xbox PC Game Pass by combining its product truths with out-of-the-box creative.

Breakthrough Content for an Innovative Product.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a cutting-edge monthly digital subscription that provides access to hundreds of high-quality games available to play across Xbox, mobile, and PCs.

With such a broad offering and innovative service, ION developed a series of breakthrough content to highlight the breadth of Xbox Game Pass and combine its product truths with out-of-the-box creative to drive excitement with our target audience. Across the globe, we’ve developed everything from a 40-foot-tall car-flinging trebuchet, Destiny 2-inspired ice sculptures, to fully robotic baseball pitching arms.

In total, we’ve driven over 20.7M video views, 73.8M impressions, and 1.2M engagements to exceed expected ROI and drive continued mass awareness to the Xbox Game Pass brand.