Influencer Orchestration Network

Our Approach

Rooted in curiosity and a deep pursuit of understanding people.

By understanding audience motivations, we meet people where they are, in the way they speak, through the creators they love.

We have the power to shift audience perception.  

Our audience-centric insights drive our influencer selection. 

Step 1: Audience Building  

Everything runs on audience. Building out an accurate target for a campaign will ensure the rest of the campaign process is tailored for success.  

Step 2: Platform Approach  

We then look at where audiences are spending their time as well their social media habits on each platform to settle on primary platforms for desired outcomes.  

Step 3: Campaign Approach  

Once an audience has been developed and key platforms identified, we pair all insights to determine how to best reach the goal of a campaign.  

Step 4: Influencer Discovery  

Finally, we then take our audience interests, campaign strategy, and platform approach to build a highly informed influencer target list to achieve our client’s mission.