Influencer Orchestration Network

Uday Malhotra

Associate Director, Client Services

As the son of immigrant parents who came to this country with minimal resources and the husband of a wife that left Vietnam on a refugee boat at 3 years old, Uday Malhotra is a firm believer that our differences are what make us stronger. His set of values are about treating people with respect, empathy, and understanding to bring out their best. Whether he’s raising his family or running a team, it’s about moving forward with a shared purpose but diversity of thought. 

Uday brings nearly 15 years of account management experience to the ION team from both the client and agency side. He has managed and executed numerous global programs end to end for international brands including Samsung and Beachbody. 

As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and instructor in his free time, one of his core tenants is that it’s not always the flashiest, biggest move or largest voice that wins the day but the will, spirit and deftness to maximize one’s potential.