Influencer Orchestration Network



What is ION?

ION, the Influencer Orchestration Network, specializes in developing powerful relationships between brands and influential content creators.

What is an ICN?

An Influencer Channel Network, or ICN, is a custom, scalable, brand-owned influencer marketing channel created and managed by ION.

Why ION?

ION amplifies brand awareness and maximizes audience engagement with guaranteed results.

Who can ION reach?

ION influencers have millions of followers and fans throughout the world, allowing brands to reach consumers in practically any category.

Who are ION Influencers?

ION provides the best of all worlds – influencers through established MCN partnerships and direct talent relationships. Whether it’s a tier four influencer with hundreds of subscribers or a tier one influencer with millions, this “all-access” agnostic approach guarantees the right influencer marketing partnerships for your brand.

How do you select the right Influencers?

Each influencer campaign is customized to specific brand objectives. ION’s managed service team, proprietary process and toolset determines the right influencers for a given campaign.

Are Influencers required to say positive things about brand?

ION’s selection criteria is based on maximizing authenticity for both brands and influencers. This involves an intense screening process to select influencers who only have a genuine interest and positive brand sentiment. While there are no mandates for positive reviews, the screening process minimizes the risk of negative content.

How does ION’s creative process work?

The ION content curation process works in a number of ways. It uses Ayzenberg’s“brand-agency best practices to provide creative direction, ensure marketing strategy integration and brand safety. We also work with influencers to ensure they are fully compliant with all legal and FTC guidelines ( Disclosures). The agency creative team can also collaborate with influencers in to provide premium content concepting, CG and other production support.

Regardless of the approach, influencers are provided with maximum freedom to create the most authentic and engaging content possible.

How does ION ensure that all brand-safety and legal guidelines are met?

ION’s activation process involves screening and approving all content prior to release. The screening focuses on brand-safety and legal requirements versus creative content while also ensuring the right category of content is being produced.

Where are your Influencers located?

ION works with influencers all around the world.

How do I know how many Influencers to use?

ION develops custom brand solutions to determine the ideal number of influencers for a given campaign. Recommendations can range from one-off activations to scalable, long-term ICN engagements that can include hundreds of influencers.

How do I know how successful my influencer marketing campaign is?

ION’s client briefing process involves establishing KPI benchmarks upfront. This is essential in determining the best influencer selection, content and amplification strategy. ION’s managed service team monitors campaigns daily through a proprietary real-time dashboard. The team provides periodic reports and a final analysis on both objective KPIs/Earned Media metrics (using Ayzenberg’s EMV Index) and subject evaluations on content quality, comments and sentiment.

Does ION guarantee results?

ION provides upfront guarantees for all campaigns. Guarantees cover number of influencers, content pieces, activations and views.